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Happy Birthday APF: 8 Years Strong

by on Mar.09, 2011, under My Blog

On this day eight years ago, Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) version 0.5 for Linux was publicly released. Since then, APF has stood the test of time and still remains to this day, one of the most widely used Linux firewall solutions, with especially high usage in the web hosting industry. I was 18 years old […]

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rfxn.com In Numbers

by on May.27, 2010, under Development, My Blog

Yup, nothing to see here except numbers… 2,018: Downloads of the newest project, Linux Malware Detect, month to date. 2,294: Signatures for Linux Malware Detect. 6,207: Downloads for all projects for the month to date. 14,176: Google results with link backs to rfxn.com or related domains (i.e: r-fx.org, rfxn.org etc..). 30,061: Active APF installations relative […]

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Let The Rewrites Begin: New Life For PRM

by on May.24, 2010, under Development

In my last post, I reflected on the last 7-8 years of projects here at rfxn.com, in doing so I also dug up some statistics on project downloads. I not only did this for my own curiosity but to prioritize the mile long to do list I have for the projects, based on downloads. One […]

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The Test Of Time: 7 Years & Counting…

by on May.17, 2010, under My Blog

Today I woke up and was in a weird mood, I started to take stock of some thing while at the same time cleaning out the rfxn.com projects and downloads repo (thats a whole other story in itself). In doing so, I realized just how long I have been doing this, it sometimes gets past […]

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Out with the old, In with the new!

by on May.06, 2010, under My Blog

The old theme was doing my head in, so I ditched it. Keep an eye out in the coming days/weeks for new releases of APF & BFD in addition to a few more howto entries and the release of maldetect with a ATF stats landing page.

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(ATF) Aggregate Threat Feed

by on May.02, 2010, under Development

For my first post back into things in awhile (a long while), I thought I would introduce everyone to the sexyness that i’ve called the Aggregate Threat Feed or ATF for short. This feed is derived from threat data at work, namely our network edge IPS (a custom snort implementation, another post on that later) […]

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