rfxn.com In Numbers

Yup, nothing to see here except numbers…

2,018: Downloads of the newest project, Linux Malware Detect, month to date.
2,294: Signatures for Linux Malware Detect.
6,207: Downloads for all projects for the month to date.
14,176: Google results with link backs to rfxn.com or related domains (i.e: r-fx.org, rfxn.org etc..).
30,061: Active APF installations relative to unique IP’s fetching the reserved.networks file daily.
70,826: Project downloads for the last 12 months, May 2009 – April 2010.
133,931: Total visitor session to rfxn.com, month to date.
258,154: The number of web sites protected by APF (passed unique install IP’s to domainsbyip.com).
1,231,604: Total hits to rfxn.com, month to date.