I am Back: Signature Updates

I am back, fresh off a trip home to Montreal, which I must say was an absolutely amazing time. It has left me reflecting on a lot of things, most importantly that there really is no place like home — I miss Montreal more than I can even describe. That said though, time to get back into the mix of things — there is a mountain of malware submissions to review, 91 to be exact. Today I really could not find the energy or time to go through them all but I did process the edge IPS data to extract some in the wild signature data which generated 8 new signatures that are now live. In the coming days, I will work through the malware submissions and get those signatures out as soon as possible.

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  1. Welcome back, Ryan. Canada is an amazing and beautiful country. While our family lives in the U.S., Canada is among our most favorite vacation spots because of the people and the beauty of the nature around them.

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