Process Resource Monitor

Current Release:

Process Resource Monitor (PRM) is a CPU, Memory, Processes & Run (Elapsed) Time resource monitor for Linux & BSD. The flexibility of PRM is achieved through global scoped resource limits or rule-based per-process / per-user limits. A great deal of control of PRM is maintained through a number of ignore options, ability to configure soft/hard kill triggers, wait/recheck timings and to send kill signals to parent/children process trees. Additionally, the status output is very verbose by default with support for sending log data through syslog.

There is no shortage of usage methods for PRM, especially when leveraging the ignore and kill options with the rule based system. You can easily take control of those run-away aspell/pspell processes eating 80% of memory, errant exim processes threading off 500 processes or prevent scripts executed under apache from running for hours at a time.

– global resource limits
– per-process/per-user rule based resource limits
– rules only run mode
– alert only run mode
– ignore root processes option
– process list global ignore file
– user based global ignore file
– command based global ignore file
– regex based global and/or per-rule ignore variable
– global scoped resource limits
– per-process or per user rule based resource limits
– set custom kill signals (i.e: SIGHUP)
– parent process kill option to terminate an entire process tree
– kill trigger/wait times allow rechecking usage over a period of time
– kill restart option to execute a custom restart command
– all kill/resource/ignore options can be global or rule defined
– easy to configure percentage of total CPU & MEM limits
– total number of processes limits
– elapsed run time limits

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