New Site, At Last!

It has been on my plate for a long time now to redo the R-fx Networks site, although this process began some years ago with a few incarnations of new sites developing behind the scenes, none ever made it into production. In the end I drew the conclusion that sometimes simpler is better, so here we have it – the new R-fx Networks site – devoted to the projects and my personal work as a whole.

Where I want to go with this new site is explained a bit in the about us section, so head on over there if you have not already read it.

To elaborate though on some of the specifics, one of the larger tasks ahead is converting what documentation there is on the projects into an online format outside that of the older README files. This will allow for much easier management of the documentation on my part along with search capabilities through the site to find whatever you may need to know for a particular project. This task is not without hurdles, the real issue is that most of the projects are severely lacking in the way of consistent and complete documentation, so I have my work cut out for me.

While the documentation work is being done I will also be looking to fill the site with content relating to all things Linux, Networking and more. For instance, an index of reference links to off site articles relating to the projects will be created to assist new and older users alike with articles that may interest them in how others utilize our projects, customize them or just plain old installation guides. You will also on occasion have to put up with my own personal blogs, which I will try to keep on point with the projects, my job, industry interests or something that has a semblance of relevance (don’t worry no twitter type stuff here).

Finally, the biggest task of all through the end of this year will be another thing that has been on my todo list for a long time, that is the unification of the projects into a singular application, a suite program if you will. All the projects share the common goal of improving the integrity and security of Linux servers and with that it makes sense that they should share a common installation and management suite. This task though is one that requires allot of planning in addition to fundamental changes in how some of the projects operate and even complete rewrites of others, so please be patient and I will detail more on this later.

I will wrap up there and hope that you find the new site, as it evolves, both useful and informative.