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What is R-fx Networks?

In the spring of 2001, R-fx Networks was born as nothing more than a simple web hosting/design site with a single project fostering growth from the then budding Ensim & Cpanel web host community, System Integrity Monitor (SIM). That project, SIM, was a convenience tool for being sick of failing ProFTPd & Apache services at 4am and the parent control panels being unable to automatically restart them for one reason or the other. The project and subsequently the site then grew to be much more over the years, spawning a number of other projects while taking the site through an identity crisis which ultimately ended up as a Linux Managed Services Provider since then. Throughout the years one thing that has dominated is my commitment to maintaining free and open projects for the web hosting community at large, which I am proud to say is still a commitment going forward.

The projects have always been made first and foremost for myself and those that employee me, then in turn I publish those projects to the community as surely if they create convenience in my life they can do the same for others. This sometimes conflicts with the interests of the community who require or desire certain features that are not inline with my own development path, however at the end of the day most people understand and are very patient with development requests. The bottom line is, typically if I can not find a use for a requested feature in a project then it will not make it it into the public release – it is that simple.

Where did the old site go?

The old site was an antiquated relic of the past, representing R-fx Networks in a broken and rundown state from the days when it was a hybrid of a community project site and managed services provider. Although the projects have continually been maintained, the old site did not serve them justice and was no longer actively updated which gave a bad impression for attracting new users to the projects.

Ok, What now?

This new site will serve as a development blog and the continued source for our maintained projects (apf, bfd etc..) along with expanding the lack-luster documentation that currently exists into a more defined version. The projects will receive the attention they have long deserved along with expanded resources for feature ideas, bug reporting and more.

In addition, the new site will also serve as a personal blog spot for work, life and what ever else I feel like bantering about on a particular day. This will not detract from the top priority which is the projects but they are nevertheless my projects so take my bantering as a necessary baggage.

8 Replies to “About Us”

  1. I agree you are a ninja that every hosting company wants to have as their asset. Since we can’t all have that at least we have your open source projects that are simple put, amazing. Keep up all the good work, I just sent a donation to show my support.

  2. Heya, I love all your projects, keep up the great work. I have a problem though… APF won’t work on OpenVZ VPS servers because the iface is named venet0, venet0:0, venet0:1, etc. APF only works for eth0, is there any possible way you can modify a version for me? I will either make a donation or I can offer you any type of hosting for free. Please get back to me ASAP.

  3. Ryan, what a ride you’ve had. We tip our hat to your knowledge and level of expertise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  4. You’re a ninja. Thank you for actively maintaining this site and software. It’s wonderful to be able to integrate your work and interests and to be compensated for them both.

  5. Greetings! I’ve been using your APF and BFD the past few days, but in the process of installing the software, I decided to ping your server from our server, and to my surprise, <1ms ping time. So I figured I'd come to your site and say "Hi" and perhaps if your company may be hiring? 🙂 Contact me! Talk soon! — Best Regards, Matt

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