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rfxn.com In Numbers

by on May.27, 2010, under Development, My Blog

Yup, nothing to see here except numbers… 2,018: Downloads of the newest project, Linux Malware Detect, month to date. 2,294: Signatures for Linux Malware Detect. 6,207: Downloads for all projects for the month to date. 14,176: Google results with link backs to rfxn.com or related domains (i.e: r-fx.org, rfxn.org etc..). 30,061: Active APF installations relative […]

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Linux Malware Detect v1.3.6: Loose Ends

by on May.24, 2010, under Development, My Blog

In LMD 1.3.3 there was allot of changes, 29 to be exact, that made LMD much more robust and especially the monitoring component, much more usable. If that release was about making good things better, then this release is about bringing loose ends together. I spent a couple of days running LMD through its paces […]

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Let The Rewrites Begin: New Life For PRM

by on May.24, 2010, under Development

In my last post, I reflected on the last 7-8 years of projects here at rfxn.com, in doing so I also dug up some statistics on project downloads. I not only did this for my own curiosity but to prioritize the mile long to do list I have for the projects, based on downloads. One […]

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The Test Of Time: 7 Years & Counting…

by on May.17, 2010, under My Blog

Today I woke up and was in a weird mood, I started to take stock of some thing while at the same time cleaning out the rfxn.com projects and downloads repo (thats a whole other story in itself). In doing so, I realized just how long I have been doing this, it sometimes gets past […]

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Linux Malware Detect v1.3.3: Making good things better

by on May.15, 2010, under Development

This morning I have put out LMD v1.3.3, this is on the back of two other successive releases in recent days that improved LMD in many areas, along with correcting some bugs that were graciously reported by those helping to break-in the project. I have also listened to feedback and revised a number of features […]

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LMD Signatures: RSS Feed & XML

by on May.12, 2010, under Development

While I was making some signature updates this afternoon, It occurred to me that it might be useful if the signatures were available through an RSS feed for update tracking or should anyone want to serialize the importing of my signature data into other applications. The signatures can be access in two data formats, the […]

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