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On The Road: Network Disaster & Dual Public-Private Network

by on Mar.24, 2011, under My Blog

As an administrator within a mid-sized organization, you can find yourself wearing many occupational hats, which becomes only second nature after awhile. One of these many hats I wear, is that of lead network administrator, which is something I am particularly fond of… I love networking and everything about it (except maybe wiring racks and […]

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Data Integrity: AIDE for Host Based Intrusion Detection

by on Mar.17, 2011, under HowTo, My Blog

It used to be all the talk, everyone knew it, accepted it but few did anything about it and still even today, very few do anything about it. What is it? Data Integrity. But it is not in the form of how we usually look at data integrity; it is not backups, raid management or […]

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LMD 1.3.9: Quietly Awesome

by on Mar.16, 2011, under Development, My Blog

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the LMD project, lots of late nights and sleepless days behind me and I can say I am a ‘little’ happier with where things are in the project now 🙂 This release has no major feature changes or additions other than a modification in the default […]

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Happy Birthday APF: 8 Years Strong

by on Mar.09, 2011, under My Blog

On this day eight years ago, Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) version 0.5 for Linux was publicly released. Since then, APF has stood the test of time and still remains to this day, one of the most widely used Linux firewall solutions, with especially high usage in the web hosting industry. I was 18 years old […]

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